UPS Delivery

UPS have a very comprehensive website with access on their home page to all the services, of which there are too many to list here although we have listed the main points below. To make a shipment you must be registered with UPS as an account holder and you can access your account as well as all their other services from the links on their homepage.

A UPS Account gives you access to many benefits including the following:

1) The ability to receive one consolidated weekly bill.
2) Charge shipments to your account.
3) Order free packaging materials and shipping supplies.
4) Request a convenient daily UPS collection at a specified location
5) Creation of professional shipping bills and labels

To create a shipment online you will need to have details of:

1) Where the shipment is going,
2) where it is from,
3) what is being shipped,
3) how you want to pay

You are also offered the choice of adding a reference and scheduling a collection day/time.

Services and Costs
To get an idea of costs and click on the “Calculate Time and Cost” and the Service Guide links on the main page. You will also find details of a section on fuel surcharges.

There are a variety of tracking methods available:

1) Numbers – one or multiple numbers can be used.
2) Reference – any combination of letters or numbers can be used.
3) Infonotice – left by a driver if he has attempted unsuccessfully to deliver goods.
4) E-Mail – up to 25 shipments at once can be handled this way.
5) SMS – also notification of having been delivered.
6) Various tools unique to UPS

Features & Tools
Some of the interesting features and tools they offer are:

1) “UPS Widget”. If you download this tool you can:  track your packages quickly, get automatic alerts on the status of your parcels and accounts, keep your customers updated via status emails, and manage multiple shipments simply through color-coding amongst other things.
2) UPS Signature Tracking™  - which allows you to check who has signed for your shipments on arrival
3) Quantum View® helps you maintain shipping information easily and securely and you can provide your customers with reports tracking their shipments and expected delivery times, etc.
4) Flex® Global View is an event management tool, providing supply chain information. This is constantly updated by the UPS operating centre around the world and provides vital information.
5) UPS TradeAbilityTM is designed to manage the movement of goods.

When it comes to air freight UPS say they can offer a predictable and flexible courier service with guaranteed door-to-door air freight services as well as non-guaranteed freight forwarding service and day-specific timing.
UPS started in 1907 in the USA as a messenger company in the United States and now operates worldwide, claiming to be the largest express carrier and package delivery company in the world. They operate in 200+ countries providing logistics, specialized transportation, capital and e-commerce services.